A civil funeral can be held almost anywhere, excluding a church or other religious building, it is therefore suitable for crematoriums, non-religious funeral grounds and green funerals.

Your funeral director will ask who you would like to write and conduct the funeral, you may pass on my details to them or I can contact them.

The ceremony can be non-religious or semi-religious and include music, poems, readings etc. as well as the eulogy. There may be family members or friends that would like to pay tribute and this can be included in the funeral.

Arranging a funeral comes at a time of personal loss and emotion, the deceased may have left specific wishes for their funeral, if not, I can assist you in making choices for the content and write a personal, celebration of their life and create the funeral service that you want .

I will be sympathetic and considerate and listen to what you want for the funeral. 

It may be that the funeral was a very private one; for immediate family. A memorial at a later date (usually 4-6 weeks after a funeral) would enable people to remember and celebrate the person’s life.

A memorial can also be at a other times. for example, to coincide with the anniversary of the funeral or passing, or on the persons birthday. 

For whatever reason, whenever, or wherever it takes place, it can be a time when people can pay tribute, remember someone they have lost and celebrate their life. Some family and friends may like to say a few words, music, poetry, readings can be included. 

It can take place at any location, maybe at a favourite place that the lost one loved, a park, a lake, a garden or at a family home. The choice is yours (subject to permission for some locations).

Many people do not like to think of their passing, but for those who will be making the arrangements, it relieves the stress and pressure if you have made plans for your own funeral. It is important that they are aware of your wishes.

I can assist you in preparing your funeral.