Welcoming a baby or child into a family is a very special time and can be acknowledged and celebrated with a naming ceremony. It can be for a baby, child of any age, an adopted child, step-child and more than one child can be named at the same time.

A naming ceremony gives the parent/s an opportunity to pledge their love of their child and their commitment to them, enabling them to make promises in front of family and friends.

The ceremony will not only include the naming of the child but can be created and written to include the acknowledgement of grandparents, guardians or mentors and siblings. They may may also want to make promises and/or read a poem or reading.

It can include music and be held at a place of your choice, including your home.

Optional elements can be included like a naming candle, memory box, butterfly release. I have a number of suggestions that can make it a memorable ceremony. I will discuss these at the consultation.

You will receive a certificate and a keepsake copy of the ceremony.