Vow Renewals

Anyone that has gone through a wedding ceremony, commitment, civil ceremony or exchanged vows, can renew their vows.

Often associated with an anniversary, renewing vows can be at any time, for any reason. For example, you may have married abroad and want to say your vows in front of family and friends. It may be that the relationship is going or gone through a difficult or challenging time, maybe because it’s a nice thing to do, or a way of re-affirming your commitment and celebrating your relationship.

Renewing vows on anniversaries, is not just for milestone anniversaries like the tenth, twenty-fifth, fortieth or fiftieth. It can be for any anniversary.

Whatever the reason, renewal of vows can include the couple’s children, parents, any of those who took part in the wedding, e.g. Bridesmaids, Best Man and any other people.

You may like to include readings, music, poems, words etc. from the marriage, and bring into the ceremony new elements. You can acknowledge any children, perhaps do a sand ceremony with them, bless the rings, sign a certificate with witnesses. I will discuss all options with you.

A bespoke ceremony will be created just for you and I will discuss ideas and options with you at the consultation.

You will receive a certificate and keepsake copy of the ceremony.